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In becoming larger the world also becomes more narrow. One's mystery now is how small we were til we came to the attention of the luxury customers. If ever is  as good a slogan as any,

if ever it's similar to peace or… Read More

Cooked my ass off yesterday, but I could.nt make a pie, ran out of time and steam. Read something regards older people that they think about death more often the young who apparently think about sex. But philosophical people start thinking about death way younger. Artists hard to say given the… Read More


First it was a very complicated  situation and I without the memory I once possessed am only able to give a sketch. I did the first double page cartoon Artpolice Comics in 1974, the first issue of Artpolice is a broadsheet with cartoons on the back by Joe McDonnell and Fritz and a text piece by… Read More


My mother was my first teacher and in most ways my best. She grew up on a farm in the upper penisula of Michigan during the Depression in a community that spoke mostly Finnish. Finnish is a language that is very difficult almost an Asian language. The Finns came to Northern Europe from Mongolia… Read More


Freud helped me understand that death had some positive aspects. Of course like life insurance you don't get the pay off. So we have this short life or sweet spot where we do our art, til arthritis do us part. To be square I'm an artist who paints, draws and writes. Not the mere painter I once… Read More