When nobody showed up for class


Their was a spell at the art school when the second semester was really underpopulated. I always thought it was because the school was so awful but that's the insider angle. Then one fall two mushroom dealers sent up shop next to the back of the art school. Well I don't know what the magic mushrooms do to you but in art school they make you stupid. Which was not a problem at art school as long as you paid your tuition. It was a huge farce given art as a subtext of everything in art schools. No the art schools are the last vestige of academic art. I'm not so sure I could teach art anymore the field is vast so many different schools contend. Am I even convinced that learning art is possible.And what are we trying to know?I;m thinking that the artist is born into art, no choice it's an odd skill set and a brain at odds with the odds. Then it's the queer things artist do on the way to their art. I remember my son saying you can draw anything you want, kids at least consider art magical. Telephone Jingle jingle - Dis is Toni Stoos in Vienna can I speak to Franky Gaard - Toni Stoos was director of kunsthalle Wien he said Jim Shaw wanted Man Bag in this big art language show. Stu Mead saw the show in the company of Toni Stoos it also may have Mike Kelley's fingerprints on our inclusion and Artpolice material there.It was cool and very coll to get a report from Stu Mead.It was like landing on Plymouth Rock in several ways even though we got into the show late. If you work hard you can still fail but if you don't work hard you surely will fail. Then again maybe the life of a bad artist is more fun? I think it's become very difficult to say anything useful about contemporary art. The field of inquiry is huge and growing it's like couture a few houses of luxury goods Barbara Gladstone etc. And the rest of arts work marginalised by lack of capital and absence of exposure. The art world is way past understanding -but then so is the world world.