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Dear compadres - Lost yesterday's blog - some nice items - including a trip to visit an old painting of mine at the art museum on Third Ave. It's been up for several months after a long storage - Thing is little girls like my painting, I saw one yesterday she had the painting in her eye.  Forgot… Read More


 The piece ( WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON )-  I think it was the gout writing not I.

Though I stand by the statements and fantasies.  Berlin for a gentleman born in 1944 was a place of places. Further being born after the second world war was anti-climatic but Viet-Nam was like an extra part… Read More


 In 2004 my friend and partner Stu Mead invited me into an art exhibition in Berlin where he lives. The gallery. The gallery was in Kreuzberg where Stu lives indeed where many artists live along side a large number of Turks. The gallery was a funded space as Mike Kelley used to call gallery… Read More


Truth is the issue for art, but in a peculiar weave, an embedded truth deep in the art through a serious gaze  comes the curious bits of insight we name truth. When you first try to understand the riddle of modern art you are led about as if by a nonsensical game. So many strains so many… Read More


I had my first outbreak of organic bi-polar brain disorder (madness) in 1974. I was hospitalized that year and the next two years always during the growing season, mania is a warm weather issue for me. Huge depressions followed, finally in 1978 I began Lithium therapy and I was myself again.… Read More