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Freud helped me understand that death had some positive aspects. Of course like life insurance you don't get the pay off. So we have this short life or sweet spot where we do our art, til arthritis do us part. To be square I'm an artist who paints, draws and writes. Not the mere painter I once… Read More




I met Kathy Halbreich when Liz Armstrong was doing Duchamp's Leg an exhibition about Duchamp's influence  that's when Liz called me a Duchamp Expert… Read More


Philippe Vergne in NYTimes today brilliant and practical.

Kathy Halbreich started a Sigmar Polke Hedge-fund and it's making money hand over foot. Who knew Polke was so fabulous and great? I hear an ancient voice in the rear of the auditoritum saying Polke is a copy cat. But me average… Read More


 A friend of mine who had stored a bunch of my student art in Chicago moved to New York and threw this work in a dumpster. I didn't mind this as it was work that wasn't relevant anymore but it does remind us that art can have a less than lovely destiny at the landfill. I've heard many artists… Read More


We have a point in our childhood when we start to have sexual feelings even desires. It makes baseball seem so childish compared to skirt chasing. I was in a high school art's program left over from the Smith-Hughes Act a war time measure to help vets with high school by making high school more… Read More