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I met Kathy Halbreich when Liz Armstrong was doing Duchamp's Leg an exhibition about Duchamp's influence  that's when Liz called me a Duchamp Expert… Read More


Philippe Vergne in NYTimes today brilliant and practical.

Kathy Halbreich started a Sigmar Polke Hedge-fund and it's making money hand over foot. Who knew Polke was so fabulous and great? I hear an ancient voice in the rear of the auditoritum saying Polke is a copy cat. But me average… Read More


 A friend of mine who had stored a bunch of my student art in Chicago moved to New York and threw this work in a dumpster. I didn't mind this as it was work that wasn't relevant anymore but it does remind us that art can have a less than lovely destiny at the landfill. I've heard many artists… Read More


We have a point in our childhood when we start to have sexual feelings even desires. It makes baseball seem so childish compared to skirt chasing. I was in a high school art's program left over from the Smith-Hughes Act a war time measure to help vets with high school by making high school more… Read More


How Joseph Beuys ex-Hitler Youth stole my blackboard and sold it for a million dollars.The artschool could have used the million dollars but they didn't even get to dip their beak in this sale , Beuys business practices were very Tuetonic {SP>?} German.The  Arab guy at the Dairy Store says… Read More