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Whoever - Last week Presindente Obombin"( looks like Alfred Jarry)"

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This new escalation is huge given thr size of the Afghan population, it looks like they are in theater to protect Pakistan's nukes from Jihadists- then the bad Muslims bomb Israel  and that we be the end of the world we knew before. So 100,000 US combat forces in Afghanistan is support for Pakistans fighting Taliban in Northern provinces.You've heard all this I'm a re-iterator. Yea this troops increase is really bad news. It seeemed earlier that Obama was not afraid to bring it down. I mean Karzai the Pres of Afghanistan his brother is an opium dealer ( is that gangster enough for you?) these allies -oi! As I wrote Pakistan is the prize for the Jihadists. It's a state not just a bunch of war lords as in Afghanistan, like the families in Sicily - you got alot of Godfathers in Afghanistan, it's a big family and they grow poppies. Arthritis really is wicked for artists - lots of water helps and lots of aspirins. Am I going off topic? Oh I remember this painter an British abstract artist name Noel (this was 30 years ago) I was shoveling snow on Third Ave So. and Noel had just finished playing his piano, he insisted on a Grand Piano and the Society of Fine Arts was paying the rent on the piano. All I remember was he painted stripes endless stripes. He told me that most paintings were battle pictures, as in Napoleon @ Waterloo. But also struggle wise liker deKooning back and forth, push and pull. But it is true this things about battle pictures it is true it's whether you go on the easy carreer path or you do it the hard way. Anyway the war seems always near bye we have self interest And we want to help the Vietnamese people to defend themself against the Viet Cong fighters who even the Amerikans can't beat.  It's Vietnamesiazation (?) turning the fight over to Afghan police and security forces. And these security forces will be nice civilised gentlemen? No believe the hype, Obama will get less votes next time and have less support in Congress. But now he's got his bi-partisan issue. And more drones too boy those drones do reek havoc - my sense of this is the same political hysteria excess about terrorists that once existed about communists or Nazis. Historical forces are at work that may not be to our liking but are coming. The rise of Iran and the jihadists and other elements of the Muslim revival are creating a rival to US hegemony in oil territories at the end of the oil world we fight for oil wells.Or was it Opium?I'll be back US Out of ________+ Now!! End of detour resume war