Before making a Pumpkin Pie (an eternal recurrence)


Cooked my ass off yesterday, but I could.nt make a pie, ran out of time and steam. Read something regards older people that they think about death more often the young who apparently think about sex. But philosophical people start thinking about death way younger. Artists hard to say given the diversity factors. But if an artist is thinky look out for the big D. Every trip to Wendy's is a nail in your coffin. Like cigarettes once were< coffin nails >  . Stu Mead my erstwhile partner is reviewed in  the December Artforum magazine, the writer suggests that Stu makes art despite himself. Long story short color picture, mazel tov Dr. Mead !!

I read this morning that a woman in Turkey could be executed for looking at another man than her husband. This whole Muslim uprising seems only to grow. Two portraits going at once Pam with the Devil Dog Bambi  and my son Peter looking 12 @ 40 years of age. They both are going very good. Sometimes a lay off gets you more hungry to make special work. And it is important to not make routine things it kills the spark.

And now pie pumpkin