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October 27, 2009 - I was thinking about several things, what is it about rich artists that makes me puke? It's the financing. Sigmar Polke has a lot of financing, his work looks rich and fancy. Same for Damien Hirst and his diamonds. The business of art is very much a business of the swells, the… Read More


Saw the new Keats movie really seemed like the Fanny movie but that's Jane Campion always giving the woman's viewpoint.Point here being the necessity of language skills for visual artists.After years of studying Nietzsche I found poetry. I remember thinking it had an economy that escaped most… Read More


Cool here in the TC, not a peep from anybody. at 5 today the Twins play the Yankees in neu Yankee Stadium. The Twins lost the 1st game tired from no sleep after beating the Tigers for the Central Championship and a chance to get beaten bad. Oh Woe to our club amidst the towers of performance… Read More


Dear compadres - Lost yesterday's blog - some nice items - including a trip to visit an old painting of mine at the art museum on Third Ave. It's been up for several months after a long storage - Thing is little girls like my painting, I saw one yesterday she had the painting in her eye.  Forgot… Read More


 The piece ( WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON )-  I think it was the gout writing not I.

Though I stand by the statements and fantasies.  Berlin for a gentleman born in 1944 was a place of places. Further being born after the second world war was anti-climatic but Viet-Nam was like an extra part… Read More