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 I asked my son why I hadn't gotten any complaints on this blog device? He was a little vague. It just feels like I'm writing in the dark. Then again people are discreet and often have no opinions I noticed that as a teacher so few students had anything to say. It was 10 below zero when I woke… Read More


I was 22 when I met my first curator, he was a Dutchman who worked at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I met him in Chicago where he was the director of the new contemporary museum which was searching for a building. He bought a piece from me, actually the pick of the litter. I learned… Read More


Bernie and I rode the dog to New York , we stayed at the YMCA Sloan House near Times Square. We visited several galleries including Sidney Janis's rooms which had been in a Time magazine art spread the week previous. The George Segal plaster casts of people were here in primary colors head to… Read More


I was at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts week ago, sometimes I go just to see if my painting is still up,it is. The painting is 9 feet wide and 5 1/2" tall it seems quite small in those huge rooms next to one of those giant protractor paintings by Frank Stella. But the painting is still very… Read More


I began having doubts about art school education when I was a student at the art institute school in Chicago. Something was off kilter, the teachers seemed uninterested in art much less contemporary art. I thought pop art was the real breakout from all the terminal paint mushing that students… Read More