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I wrote a blog for Sammy the Administrator formerly webmaster (which always sounded like S & M with spiders hence the WEBMASTER not unlike Spiderman only more kinky) yea so the writing vanished I must have hit the wrong button on the laptop. I've been thinking about the tech… Read More


When Bernie joined the Navy I took over his loft on Sheffield Avenue just off Belmont in Chicago. The elevated Ravenswood trains went by the 4th story windows… Read More


 Heard some from old friends and family, that In Numbers book woke up some of the old Artpolice crew and this Walker acquisition fascinates because it takes so long. It's like a very long movie you'd like to leave. They did come and take the paintings two big one more modest. The… Read More


Yes I have trouble doing these blogs, I lose faith with the idea that anyone even reads this stuff, I sure don't. Oh I read my own blogs and blogs about subjects I like . I swore when I first started to write it would be strictly cash and carry. Of course the pay is so slight it's as if you are… Read More


Right on right on I always thought right on was just perfect for it's time. Like when the Black Panthers said good bye it was right on . Iwas in Oakland CA when the Black Panthers were at the height of their power. Of course the… Read More