Bi-Polar bears and monkeys all angry with each other - Art the cure -


On the days my wife is pissed at me I can't paint, oh I do a little. I mean in general painting during lover's spats is nearly impossible. It maybe why I write the writer is all in the head, whole characters in the tiny grey cells. My bi-polar troubles persist in easier form. But I have alot of trouble with relationships, even with clients. I'm not sure why this is such a problem, I thought I was nice, intense sometimes sure but that's cuz the lights still on in the heart of FrankieGaardstein heir to the great doctors work. Meaning of course the ability to make the dead alive again, using electricity and good parts fresh from the graveyard. This is one of the operative myths of the 20-21 centuries, it's like Duchamp's alchemy with his readymades, junk which he made art and the market made into luxury goods. My favorite Duchamp's snowshovel -When I came here from California and hadn't seenĀ  snow for 2 or 3 years, the Minneapolis Instiute of Arts my landlord gives me a snowshovel stamped society of fine arts, yes I took a photo. I remember being surprised that so many people did'ntĀ  most particularly in California. Writing needs the reader in a way similar to the picture needing a viewer it completes the piece. Better reading, dipping in Lolita from years,

Lolita is such an incredible book, it brings a time to life and a fucked up pedophile is the main story- I like James Mason as Humbert in Kubrick's Lolita.I feel sometimes the world needs a boy Lolita maybe from Thai LadyBoys - I like description very elaborate and precise descriptions. Part of Lolita is the dawning of millions of Nyphettes all the time, cops and robbers with children and pedophiles. Lolita projects a future as bleak as ours where children are preyed upon.But it's also a sort of an obsession of the culture lately. Art can give us a sense of balance or disequilibrium you don't know it's there sometimes until you're surrounded by it. DuChamp still surprises people and me too. Plus it's a gentle message about not taking ourselves so seriously. I wish I could tell jokes don't you.