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Immortalty is in short supply.,I remember something in Dorothy Parker regards the world having become less than it had been. It's population sure but it's also how genius seems less the case, the search engine makes us all such smarties. And at the same time we don't look as deep, maybe deep has… Read More


Wittgenstein created a logic that was precise and clean. Subjective content was not part of an equation which gave us modernity, trains running on time and the gramaphone, infinitely repeatable music and speech. Caruso in your own home. Wittgenstein understood the necessity of a modern logic by… Read More


I grew up in Chicago during the time Pepsi Cola was the pop of choice. In the morning we'd search for empty pop bottles in the alley (worth 2 cents each) then a 12 oz. bottle of pop was 8 cents . So you'd need to find at least 4 or 5 empty bottles and another couple for a 5 cent bag of chips.… Read More


Capital you have to have some money to make art. When I started in the 1960's you could do alot with a small amount of money. Art school at the art institute's college was under $2000 a year! In the art schools you were pretty much left alone, I remember Ray Yoshita was my 4th year sponsor and I… Read More


 Went to see 1964 an exhibition of contemporary art made in that year the curator is Siri Enberg whose been at the Walker a long while. Anyway I was excited to see this show because 1964 was a big year for me art school was different after pop art popped. The show had a… Read More