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I was 22 when I met my first curator, he was a Dutchman who worked at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I met him in Chicago where he was the director of the new contemporary museum which was searching for a building. He bought a piece from me, actually the pick of the litter. I learned… Read More


Bernie and I rode the dog to New York , we stayed at the YMCA Sloan House near Times Square. We visited several galleries including Sidney Janis's rooms which had been in a Time magazine art spread the week previous. The George Segal plaster casts of people were here in primary colors head to… Read More


I was at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts week ago, sometimes I go just to see if my painting is still up,it is. The painting is 9 feet wide and 5 1/2" tall it seems quite small in those huge rooms next to one of those giant protractor paintings by Frank Stella. But the painting is still very… Read More


I began having doubts about art school education when I was a student at the art institute school in Chicago. Something was off kilter, the teachers seemed uninterested in art much less contemporary art. I thought pop art was the real breakout from all the terminal paint mushing that students… Read More


Their was a spell at the art school when the second semester was really underpopulated. I always thought it was because the school was so awful but that's the insider angle. Then one fall two mushroom dealers sent up shop next to the back of the art school. Well I don't know what the magic… Read More