When Love Turns To Poison or When being becomes ego


 In 2004 my friend and partner Stu Mead invited me into an art exhibition in Berlin where he lives. The gallery. The gallery was in Kreuzberg where Stu lives indeed where many artists live along side a large number of Turks. The gallery was a funded space as Mike Kelley used to call gallery space with money enough to do shows. I was excited to be sending a crate of art to Berlin, Europe is the home of my family. Anyway a terrible controversy arose as the show WHEN LOVE TURNS TO POISON suffice it to say we got alot of attention, almost all negative. I got mentioned frequently because I wrote the title of the show -when love turns to poison -

which somehow caused further troubles.Mead's little girl paintings were always contentious, and a public type art space seemed to bring on the loonies, and Berlin is a loonie hotbed . I'ved included some shots of my paintings in Berlin for this show, they are listed under the categorie of installations, the Jpgs are smallish I haven 't  any paintings of Stu Mead's work but he keeps a site at    http ://stumead.com

The word being which Heidegger made his main idea deteriorates as it takes on ego

Ego like fat it's best when it is strong but not too much excess, Delusions of Grandeur

which I've experienced are the ego gone mad, full of oneself. So I sold a notebook page to the curator of the Exhibition in Berlin , it's the drawing I wrote the title upon

This drawing is in the site with the inscription When Love Turns To Poison

You can google the title and find entries about the show, ego destroys more artists than poison and love combined.Thing is love is dangerous , you can find the lover so angry at the point of murder - but we tend to think of love as benevolent and nuturing which it is but it can be sick too! Meaning it can make you sick, make you perish.It's just the same way people don't take art seriously they don't see art as having much use. So this region of love and art is a rich subject and damn philosophical. As to the pornography in the exhibition isn't this material the poison that is takened out of love?What pleased me that Stu and I showed together and we

generated a ton of copy all over Europe and more on the internet, I'd learned years ago that a controversy really creates interest. It seemed like a cheap shot all the save your children from this wretched art. The intellectuals chewed on it good in Berlin, but love is so sacred a term to the Christains to put that together with child molester art is somehow poison. Watch for more chapters in this continuing story of    The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Fine Art -   How about than Tarentino War Picture? Kill Nazis, we can still get behind that -KILL NAZIS- anyway I read that philosophy was musing on death. On how death is so absolute, but it's love which rules this world above and perhaps the sense of love perverted creates distress because love carries so much weight emotionally. It's like the betrayal as the poison that love contains. WHEN LOVE TURNS TO POISON it's time to split.