Blogger error how world's vanish Okt.09


Dear compadres - Lost yesterday's blog - some nice items - including a trip to visit an old painting of mine at the art museum on Third Ave. It's been up for several months after a long storage - Thing is little girls like my painting, I saw one yesterday she had the painting in her eye.  Forgot a trip to Walker, Cattelin so good with his stuffed pup.

Football victory last week still resonates - New stadium of course for these gladiators.So I looked around quickly nothing grabbed but a letter early Moderne maybe German Expressionist. In M.I.A. collection, I'll look for it very chromatic like a rainbow. It was a work on paper maybe a letter

This painting titled"Untitled(  for John and Alice )" -  1975  is the painting I visited with my friend Greg. I made the painting while coming back from a Psych Hospital visit in 1974 it was me trying to be more rational. The idea is to fix up your broken psyche and put it together in a better more durable way . So the painting was to be very orderly and thoughtful which it is after a fashion less formal.

I'll ask Sam my son and my webmaster whether  it's possible to insert pics on these Blog pages?  So this painting has an afterlife years after it's creation. It's a good picture to represent the early work I made with cartoon-like images sort of swimming around like tiny sinuous fish, in vivid interactive schemes.