Shemales Hannah Montana and organic weed


Cool here in the TC, not a peep from anybody. at 5 today the Twins play the Yankees in neu Yankee Stadium. The Twins lost the 1st game tired from no sleep after beating the Tigers for the Central Championship and a chance to get beaten bad. Oh Woe to our club amidst the towers of performance enhanced champions from Gotham. Years ago say early 1970's I was taken in by Kabbalistic numerology (Numeria/?)Anyway baseball has all these numeralogical tendancies - fans become addicted to stats. But the mystery of say Babe Ruth's number 3 will always cause wonder and mystification.  Looking for mystical experiences often leads to the mundane things and processes. As a kid I thought baseball was way more important than Jesus. Maybe I would have more respect for religion if any of these Holy cats could play for the Yankees.

I've thought of painting more shemales, maybe will shemales on ponies. As to Hannah Montana this Disney TV show for Tweens and  preteens- it's enough to wake up the French de-construction philsophers - to rouse them the bi-polar cowgirl entertainer with the one hit wonder hillbilly dad. I think the girl lovers watch, even the reruns, the star Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana has the quality of youthfulness which is the aprodisiac of our age.