Regards writing during gout - When Love Becomes Poison Part II


 The piece ( WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON )-  I think it was the gout writing not I.

Though I stand by the statements and fantasies.  Berlin for a gentleman born in 1944 was a place of places. Further being born after the second world war was anti-climatic but Viet-Nam was like an extra part of WW II now over in Asia. China won.

The artist must have a strong ego but they must also stay mortal.( In Berlin 2004 ) This guy who called the TV news reporters to gallery comes in a grabs a knit sculpture of a woman hippy type decoration and he starts knocking down artworks, paintings from the walls. Stu said the guy was a professional pain-in-the-ass. So the Tabloid publishes an article on sick sex art show with pictures of this moron swinging the sculpture against the gallery walls. A second piece followed with pictures of the sick art and bad gallery.  Stu was in the middle of it, a few other principals were at the opening when the shit hit the fan. When love became poison, Stu Mead got alot of flack for their alleged kiddy porn, and they must have figured it might be noisy. But it was the brain at work in the show that made it historical. Freedom of speech needs a demo every so often.When Love Turns To Poison was very open show no censorship and encouraged seeing the whole sexual issue at once as a sort of themed exhibition about sex lost and found.