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Just trying to save texts. So this may be short and sweet. Thinking about the expression freak from the late 1960’s And early 1970’s as applied to people who were unusual freaky even. It was after the psychedelic age when self expression was very diverse the times were very unusual Nixon went to… Read More


1. James Brown 2. Wilson Pickett  3. Little Anthony and The Imperials 4. Fats Domino 5. Joey Dee and The Starlighters

6. Jerry Lee Lewis 7. Carl Perkins  8.Buddy Holly and The Crickets  9. The Kinks 10. Little Richard

i have nothing to say but I will say it well. Had this been an… Read More


Friends Romans Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears? i AM TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO USE MY NEW BLOG SYSTEM,

These are the times that try men's souls.(apologies to Mr. Chas. Dickens - London Calling by the Clash soundtracking).

Phony Beatlemania, the ice age is coming - Joe Strummer.

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Friends Romans Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears?

Image of Author at James Hayward's exhibition Stations of The Cross.



Thinking about the idea that everything is performance ie. performance Art The idea kept me awake last night.

 Thanks Remembering Max Gaard performing at the Red Sea as Street Legal .on the West Bank. Boy could he dance!

 Pamela and I were over the moon those days

Pam was… Read More