Blog No. 3.This is a TEST - London Calling


Friends Romans Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears? i AM TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO USE MY NEW BLOG SYSTEM,

These are the times that try men's souls.(apologies to Mr. Chas. Dickens - London Calling by the Clash soundtracking).

Phony Beatlemania, the ice age is coming - Joe Strummer.

 Caravaggio said," NO RISK NO GAIN."  James Hayward (artist from SF CA based in Southern California). Friend of painters

artists comrade professor of Fine Art etc. Loves Barney Newman. Mourns Ed Moses. Test ends here. Yers. Franky Gaard

More to follow. Be a moving target don' believe the hype (N.W.A.).


Image of Author at James Hayward's exhibition Stations of The Cross.