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Monday is always a bit of a downer back to work back to normal life whatever that maybe during a pandemic spiking around us the day before Veteran’s Day. But this year we have a new fearless leader elected and we are done with the TV Game Show MC though the day of his leaving DC is still in the… Read More


Experimental blog content - note to webmaster  


 www.http://miaarts.com  Does this work [?]     Sam, go to Minneapolis Institute of Art website to get information on calendar 

page. I may return to this blog page to add text. Trying to… Read More

  1. Thinking about the absolute nature of the unknown. In Wittgenstein’s critique of metaphysics the natural sciences have limits beyond which language becomes useless. We simply can not know what exists beyond this life because it is beyond our knowing. Metaphysics was a… Read More

Early one morning in the merry month of May.
Yesterday was today then when it was the present. Thinking about Marcel Proust remembering .

 The old saying was - The past is another country. I am 75 years old most of my life is in the rear view mirror.

  The rain in… Read More


Afternoon 55 degrees looks like rain. Not much to add to all the commentary on the Virus , so much writing as it peaks in New York.when I started to blog I thought it would be a way I could write many friends at once. But I have found an email is more personal whereas people don’t read blogs as… Read More