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Today walked to UPS store with Joe Woodside. Talked with Joe Zucker on the telephone a week ago Friday  And the Saturday before that I saw Peter Saul at The Minneapolis Institute of Art for the first time in 50 years. I introduced my spouse Pamela to Peter at the institute, I had a couple of… Read More


Rainy Monday night in Southwest Minneapolis and I was going to write something and then I thought I just felt unwell from my neuropathy which has been worse lately. The condition arises from my nerve damage when I suffered my fall last year and broke my neck and both wrists. The surgeon said it… Read More


Today is my grand daughter’s fifth birthday, her birth made me a grand father.i did not see her today or talk to her though I saw her on Instagram in a piece her mother posted of her at various ages, very sweet pictures. Yesterday I saw her on a new bike with training wheels on her Dad’s… Read More


Still trying to find my way back to my thoughts after a rough spell recuperating from my various illnesses. The cancer begets a host of miseries, indeed sometimes the side effects seem the worst part of treating the disease. My intellectual coherence returned only recently and mostly it’s been a… Read More


Just trying to save texts. So this may be short and sweet. Thinking about the expression freak from the late 1960’s And early 1970’s as applied to people who were unusual freaky even. It was after the psychedelic age when self expression was very diverse the times were very unusual Nixon went to… Read More