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Just trying to save texts. So this may be short and sweet. Thinking about the expression freak from the late 1960’s And early 1970’s as applied to people who were unusual freaky even. It was after the psychedelic age when self expression was very diverse the times were very unusual Nixon went to China Andy Warhol was publishing a celebrity film magazine and the disco music was just taking hold. Often transition moments in cultural history present us with new images of a kind unknown before, as with the bands which were making some of the oddest music ever. Freak and super freak were terms associated with George Clinton’s acts and spectacles , Bootsy Collins  and many bands doing music than was very unique and very freaky. When I saw this photo of James Baldwin it reminded me of that time when self expression was often very extravagant. The celebrity culture was emerging and it was very unusual it was a time of tolerance and a time when finding a groove a vibe was a very real concern. I miss that openness that lack of judgement as Chairman Mao famously had said “ Let a thousand flowers bloom.”