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 This photo shows the odd nature of this show and it's paradoxical bipolar nature. My tendency towards excess and the Walker Art Center's protocol of spareness. Elizabeth Carpenter ( curator of Poison and Candy WAC 2012) tried to control the installation as I tried to tilt it towards some… Read More


Portrait of Noah Harmon a young artist who asked to pose. Pam's portrait of Noah is still unfinished often we do not finish simultaneously.I haven't been blogging very much but I've thought about what I might write about if I were not writing in a linear Tele Novella style like discourse like … Read More


 Recent installations using my painted disks in simple installations.

  My portrait of Bart Ryan is pretty much done but I'm wondering how to sign it? What style what name or surname. And what color? Also needs a like hair cut trim and maybe more tiny whiskers.  Nice to visit with Bart… Read More


Blog to follow (What ever happened to local art?) -


International Pop the new exhibition at Walker Art Center brought back a lot of memories for me of my days in art school in Chicago when Pop Art first popped unto the cultural radar. Andy Warhol was a role model for a few of us as to how the art world worked and how things are never precisely as… Read More