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For details see various files. email to address inside. Other files on Pinterest - Tumblr - ArtAttack - Frankygaard@yahoo.com for commercial material - Franky The Pony Lover - etc. Blogs are visual selfies - file updates slow. Facebook -The Anti-Sculpture League

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 Trimethylamine is a chemical which arises as an odor(fragrance) from the vaginal secretions as  one might find in a woman's dirty panties and or in decaying fish. . Now there is an opening sentence. The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art (an anthology of the zine Stu Mead and I… Read More


 My wife Pamela first introduced me to Hassan Nor  a few years ago and I have enjoyed his art work and think it's deserving of more exposure and celebration here and elsewhere among people who love painting and drawing and color. Like my father Nor is an immigrant and his gift in the language of… Read More


Pics in reverse order- Man Bag zine, cover Kalypso in black andWhite 2. Pollock pink version from Walker Art Center calendar Feb. 2012

3. Jpg also walkerart.org Pollock endorsement of FRANK GAARD. $. The Immortal Man Bag Journal of Art - 2017 Divus/London/Prague/Berlin.

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Thinking my blog should become more critical or become more focused on art criticism . Then I step back and think that's just more work

more confusion.The political situation seems very fraught with anxiety and fear. But haven't we been here before? Doesn't the perpetual war

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