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The photo on this blog page is from an exhibition last year at the Minneapolis Institute of Art the guest curator was a young artist from California named Dave Muller he rehung 4 big contemporary galleries and painted the walls with designs and images it was up for nearly a year . This photo of… Read More



Who if I called would hear me among the angelic orders? We love Rilke we love poesy and we love the tower of infinite power that lives in our memory. 

Neuropathy my special companion the fire in my hands. How do we compare pains? Your pain my pain her pain what is this feeling… Read More


Just a note to say I'm home in Southwest Minneapolis with my svit hot Pamela, our mutt Banjo and all my stuff.

Thanks to all and most of all to Pam for so much love and help. 




i feel down the basement staiirs 3 months ago and i'm still seemingly climbing back up those stairs to the life i left behind that January night. nothing remembered of the fall and it's aftermath waking in hospital in great distress and discomfort. my family deeply concerned my sense of what had… Read More


For details see various files. email to address inside. Other files on Pinterest - Tumblr - ArtAttack - Frankygaard@yahoo.com for commercial material - Franky The Pony Lover - etc. Blogs are visual selfies - file updates slow. Facebook -The Anti-Sculpture League

The Future is Now - coming… Read More