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Sickness seems to be the state of affairs today and in recent days. Pushing myself to no good end no profit merely exhaustion and angst. The future now seems more bleak each day , as if this final chapter is apt to be tragic in the immense grief of our worlds gone very wrong. Art seems a feeble… Read More


Usually don’t show work in progress but this portrait of my friend Deven Golden has been at the center of my practice since last fall when he sat for Pamela and I in our garage studio. It was our first double portrait sitting since before my fall in 2018. I was still very much using support to… Read More


My misgivings about keeping a blog are numerous, actually the main thing is the idea of it being like writing to myself alone without an audience in mind sort of throwing my thoughts out with no one but myself listening. Because after all the anonymity is really not the case it’s more like the… Read More


I have not been blogging , I have been writing more directly on social platforms and posting pics photos and art work. 
I will try to restart my log my long dreary complaint , my kvetch how painting, arting and criticism are a dangerous mixture. 
This maybe stopping and starting.  … Read More


Hello - Have not been blogging much the futility of it seems vivid these days people don’t read blogs they hardly read at all sadly.

Of course that never stopped me before but lately life has been exhausting the coming of Spring always fitful in Minnesota more 

so this season… Read More