new book - NUMBERS -


 I asked my son why I hadn't gotten any complaints on this blog device? He was a little vague. It just feels like I'm writing in the dark. Then again people are discreet and often have no opinions I noticed that as a teacher so few students had anything to say. It was 10 below zero when I woke up my wife is up on the North Shore skiing and getting away from the grind. A new book has been published on artists serial publications it's title is NUMBERS it's including information on Frank Gaard and The Artpolice which is an expression I've never seen but it does repay some of the tedious shit work I did for Artpolice Publications. It's never easy to run an anarchist organisation! Clive Phillpot who was ther librarian to the Museum of Modern Art writes an essay in this tome, he was an early friend of the Artpolice. The book is intended to cover the turf and it's $90 available from Printed Matter,Inc. NY NY ( the store that sold the Artpolice for many years). It's in color and I'll get one as soon as the Walker buys the things it's looking at or what I look at it in a bookshop what shop? The Artpolice has been a pain in the ass at times, misunderstood and spun. Truth is we printed everything we could fit in, the edit was usually a page or two we just thought the best thing was to let it all hang out.Some of it was awful some of it was wonderful it was always a throw of the dice.The world of DIY projects always takes risks that professional publications can't take. It kept us busy for many years but in the end it was half here and half elsewheres our artists were all over the place and postage was eating us alive. I miss the people particularly Andy Baird who was a real mensch he was my sounding board, he was harsh and sweet both a great contributor and a wonderful cat. <   > Thinking about Joseph Cornell saw the works of his from the Walker collection in new permanent collection  installation. He only gets better, the sweet dreamy quality he creates really refreshes one's sensibility. It's something beyond speech like a feeling that runs through you like a shiver. Funny I should prefer Cornell to Jasper Johns my youthful favorite. Johns I don't think will be as big in posterity as he is to this  world. It's good but the thrill is gone for me. Johns just got lost. Whereas Cornell burns brighter than ever, long live mystery.