Waiting for my next destiny


 Heard some from old friends and family, that In Numbers book woke up some of the old Artpolice crew and this Walker acquisition fascinates because it takes so long. It's like a very long movie you'd like to leave. They did come and take the paintings two big one more modest. The smaller painting is titled Bust of Saint Frank this painting and 2 others made up a tritych with a larger Saint Frank and the penises of 33 male modern artists you have to be there (this is where we would slip in some pictures of this painting) but I would need to take the jpg which means moving a bunch of paintings which I guess I should do and then post said photos on web-site http://frankgaard.org pass it around very inappropriate, yet strangely reminiscent of master's art!! So this shall be my plan to extract said photos of old and alarming paintings. // I'm going to retrieve 4 - large 9 by nearly 6 ' as Julie is looking for a house. I can re use a frame if the painting is true square that is. These old pictures will find homes one day. Homeless art sounds better than unsold paintings. It would take alot of people to give all my art away too, thousands. Of course down the corridor of time is the sun as a red dwarf swallowing earth in a firestorm of gigantic heat and destruction. And of course art will not survive said fire unless some art moves to other planets and moons. Starting with an orbital museum of saved  art from earthly woes which I's guess isn't apt to be soon.