Walker Art Center truck coming Thursday


Yes I have trouble doing these blogs, I lose faith with the idea that anyone even reads this stuff, I sure don't. Oh I read my own blogs and blogs about subjects I like . I swore when I first started to write it would be strictly cash and carry. Of course the pay is so slight it's as if you are working for art alone and not the bloody lucre! Money is what can make or break an artist. Back in the early 1970's the art school I worked at would give faculty a $200 grant for supplies during the supper, I did alot of watercolors then as the grant wasn't really enough for paints. And it 's hard to work here in the summer when it gets abouve 90 degrees. Besides given the nasty cold ass winters we have I'd like to spend some time on my bike and at the lakes. I like spring it's such a nice time and it makes life so much easier when it gets warmer, I love the smell of Lilacs and Lilies of the Valley.

Well this Walker acquisition moves along, more than a year in the making and still waiting for an outcome. Which is fine I don't get many inquiries lately; is it the economic collapse or just people think I'm dead ?  Or worse people never knew I existed. My sales were terrible most all of the 1990's I think I have no customers here , I'm just too out-there, too much for the nice community I resides in, nice people doing good things for the underpriviledged . The TC is really the very poor and the folks with Netflix, it's the solution the rich always dreamed of work and leisure and newsbites to keep us global. Sometimes it seems like the problems of the poor have never been solved , maybe it's just beyond fixing sort of like a bigger Haiti, we all decline slowly as the world returns to it's chaos of origin.  I've seen it all my days the poor are used to further ambitions like Clinton signing the Welfare Reform Act. Which has followed Clinton like an albatross . The tragedy of our sweet land was trading people as slaves and over time we made work a sort of slavery-lite. Working for the man every nite and day! My desire to make art I knew would make my life difficult at times, because my income would always be small < Even Artpolice was a dollar, food money, beer money weed money but never a living> things is the TC will buy records and concerts and plays but a painting oh my so dear so much too much maybe next year. And their is a trickle down, my kids had less. I saw an old film of MLK talking about a guarranteed income for poor people, sounds so rad now after years of right wing politicians using welfare as a weapon against the poor. But the health care premiums are up some almost 40% because people can't afford coverage so the pool is smaller and the rates go up. Same with no income incomes it hurts everybody. and most wickedly children food and food aid become a currency as in Haiti.   Art is part of life not seperate from life. If they can have a revolution in Iran maybe we could have a little one here? Just enough so people can go take their kids to the doctor and still have money to feed them later.