March 27, 2021


Hello - Have not been blogging much the futility of it seems vivid these days people don’t read blogs they hardly read at all sadly.

Of course that never stopped me before but lately life has been exhausting the coming of Spring always fitful in Minnesota more 

so this season with the big George Floyd Trial starting up today downtown. The spectacle that our society has become our news

the entertainment on the internet ,people read the pull quotes no time to say hullo goodbye I’m late I’m late for my Zoom meeting.

  Yesterday was Pamela’s birthday pretty sweet. She has been painting up a storm and getting really for the planting season. The

big paintings I have made are going into storage to give us more room here at  home. Costly but good protection for my goods at

least some of them. Dispersal helps keep precious art works less in harms way. .The museums seem to hide art sometimes showing 

it but often it languishes in storage , galleries sell it but it often vanishes from public sight for long spells. At best posterity is a crap 

shoot , the internet gives an odd view of art that has been posted but often distorted by the random nature of search engines. A good

friend told me the future will be Jpegs here and in the distant future to come. The earth in the convulsions of global warming and 

human conflict seems to be in a disastrous trajectory.  Covid-19 has such huge reach that no one seems safe from it’s deadly power.

  But life goes on as the songs always say. In an odd way it does seem as if the future was never that bright to begin with but now we

Do seem hopeful that some sort of new shake is afoot. At 76 I get a little more respect temporarily from my long life of making art al-

most the gift of survival to see your future or at least glimpse a world you only imagined as a kid growing up with the war still raging

in Europe and Japan, the concentration camps still awaiting liberation.

 I think the secret for me has been the tread that runs  through my life since I began to focus on art as a youngster in the 1950’s as

if the only constant persistent reality has been art working.  Everything else may have been a disaster but I just kept making pictures.

I knew it was a risky choice but I also knew it gave me joy.