Blog - Frank Gaard - June 3, 2022 Friday Before Shabbas


I was writing a Go Fund Me update and the program that I used on the web-site was resisting my text as if they would prefer I write one declarative sentence or two regards my debts medical, personal and artistic. But this writing program presented impossible barriers to use, given my limited skills in online writing.


 So I have switched to my personal web-sits- blog -   www. where my blogs can be found in quite large numbers though less recently. A dear friend who had admired my writing said she did not read blogs as opposed to published writing. I think it was because no editor processed the writing and the manuscript unpublished would be less readable and perhaps too discursive and lacking focus.  I of course love the rambling discursive nature of blogs as like diaries they rather more personal than material found in print. Blog of course arises from the antecedent of ship’s log as in the diary of a Captain’s notes and thoughts regards the voyage, here the voyage being the text of the writer’s thoughts trying to elicit a response from the dear reader of empathy and charity. .

 Due the pandemic isolation and the handicaps from my accident my portrait business has suffered and my debts have become more difficult to pay. Now a portrait is taking months to make instead of weeks and the restrictions make live sittings more difficult. Also my physical limitations my bad crippled foot and neuropathy give me more pain and discomfort is standing to work (Also I fatigue more quickly due in part to my battle with kidney cancer). However without the income from the sale of portraits and commissions I get more stress which in turn triggers my bi-polar symptoms. It’s better than last year but still very painful at times. So I need to elicit sales of aesthetic items to compensate for the loss of portraiture work. Am I redundant enough here?

 So if possible help me through purchase using my web site or a donation to Go Fund Me account which ever is easier or fits the bill better and my using my DM on Facebook or Instagram or my web site email I will set you a nice piece of art most likely a disk or drawing depending on what one can part with art being such a peculiar item regards it value., one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure (still seems true). Thanks in advance I will post items or arrange means to exchange. On some level I am just asking for follow through on sales and commissions left undone by recent calamities which have affected us all to some extent.  I hope this is useful and profitable . thank you, Frank Gaard