January 15, 2022 Work in progress


Usually don’t show work in progress but this portrait of my friend Deven Golden has been at the center of my practice since last fall when he sat for Pamela and I in our garage studio. It was our first double portrait sitting since before my fall in 2018. I was still very much using support to draw and the session was very focused on drawing rather than painting. It was a long sitting and difficult because of pain in my foot and trying not to topple over. After Deven was gone we began to paint from photographs Pamela had taken of the pose as this was part of the process we used to work out the color and field of the paintings. This has been taking a long while because of Covid 19 and just trying to make our way back into our long standing practice. 
  I began trying to integrate the portrait into my ongoing fascination with movable backgrounds and words images and fluorescent colors which have constituted my large installation over the past decades. The portrait a perfect foil for these experiments. Now the portrait is coming closer to being finished I wanted to show the process something Pamela also does but which I rarely disclose. My interest in the installation sometimes overwhelms the portrait other times it recedes . I will publish the final results when I get to a point of resolution .