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 Mike Kelley is a public figure I learned on the Facebook his id photo is the young Mike pic that was inside the Sonic Youth cd fold out he designed it seemed Mike mid-1990's. I always felt a fold over between Mike and the band in those days, a collaborator like with Jim Shaw… Read More

Woke up hearing report that 20,000,000 people were homeless after huge storms flooded huge areas of Pakistan. It's so sad but of course Pakistan has Nukes ready to go after the menacing Indians . Now the Taliban have become temporary humanitarians helping the survivors , one report says this… Read More

Call Smuda - procrastinating - I was thinking about how many shows I'd been in since 1966, no idea everytime I add new shows to my resume old shows are coming off the end. It's pointless, and what have I learned? Not much I'm afraid, it's a practice which often never or once in a long while.I… Read More


The Yiddish Phone Sex Report - Vhat kin of shoes are you vearig? What's with women and their shoes? Even flipflops are in various styles and price ranges. Bullshit is what is killing this world lies and exaggerations. Art is really subject to the bullshit like nothing else, because after all it'… Read More


I'm giving a talk about Artpolice, Artpolice was a little magazine I produced for 20 years starting in 1974, yea it was 36 years ago, very pre-digital indeed the Vietnam War was finally in it's end game. But we were assassinating foreign leaders per the example of The President of Chile Allende… Read More