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Geez I felt like my ancient youth self when I read my name in the New York Times art section in Holland Cotters prose. All within a parenthesis like a little boat. I guess… Read More


The publisher of this new book on artist's publications since 1955 sent me a copy of the book In Numbers which I read about online recently, it has a dozen pages on the Artpolice including pictures albeit small but pics of all the Artpolice covers. It was hard to put down it was as if I'd… Read More


 Cythera the fabled island of romantic enchantment painted by Watteau to perfection (twice repeated French version of painting for German court) . Isn't this sort of fable what drives the fictive artists? We can't have more plain stories because we expect top drawer screenwriters for $10 a… Read More


 I asked my son why I hadn't gotten any complaints on this blog device? He was a little vague. It just feels like I'm writing in the dark. Then again people are discreet and often have no opinions I noticed that as a teacher so few students had anything to say. It was 10 below zero when I woke… Read More


I was 22 when I met my first curator, he was a Dutchman who worked at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I met him in Chicago where he was the director of the new contemporary museum which was searching for a building. He bought a piece from me, actually the pick of the litter. I learned… Read More