The Cursed Island - Cythera island of love -


 Cythera the fabled island of romantic enchantment painted by Watteau to perfection (twice repeated French version of painting for German court) . Isn't this sort of fable what drives the fictive artists? We can't have more plain stories because we expect top drawer screenwriters for $10 a ticket! Then again some great writers could'nt write very good screen plays. The mystery of love is different than other things we may believe in because it is a very risky proposition. Even love of art can really wreak havoc with one's life, you decide to go to art school that decision alone puts you back to the rear of the post-modern employment train, anybody want to learn how to draw and paint? I could teach you but what would you know? After years of futility as a fine arts teacher at a metropolitan art school I decided to quit teaching art, because I lost my job sure but it dawned on me that maybe teaching art had driven me crazy! The whole suppose of teaching and learning seems to devolve to some sort of transfer of knowledge and insight. How can we tell if Jonny is studying Van Gogh or just getting high on weed watching the Mel Jass Afternoon movie. The work made me very manic, the deadlines the critiques oi vay the critiques were like the Roman Circus. So Jonny figures if he sells the weed he winds up with a free ounce. But it never works out that way, you wind up with a day job and some bad habits. Now love each time she blossoms in our heart is never the same like sex . My Sammy now 20 something, he's living in the mountains in Colorado, like the philosopher Nietzsche invented Zarathustra Sam goes into the mystery of a world of beauty and a world of squalor. When I was confirmed the verse I got as my verse was in Ecclesiastecs (the teacher) - It was an admonition to remember your creator in the days of your youth before the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, and thou shall say I have no pleasure in them.

The fictive realm is a universe - it's the reason for hope, that some new formulation will result in a better happier world.Instead we reckon with the slowness of democratic states to repond to any imminent crisis. Perhaps the govermental structures are over powered by population itself? For this artist my work is on the seam between this material world and this fictive enchantment, like ballet who dream,ed up the Swanny mood, the girls on their toes? It's when you have no pleasure in your days that you pass away. The lesson in the Tao is this sort of communication through actions so you are what you do. So I guess I think everyone is self-taught, everyone imagines they can be an artist or a dancer whatever, children must be allowed to dream. To steal the dreams of children is very bad , evil even. Dreams float this world.