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  Stu Mead visited Vienna at the time of a big language art show at the Kunsthalle Wien. Toni Stoos the curator showed Stu through the show and our vitrine of Artpolice and Man Bag zines/ 1993  thanks to Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw for facilitating exhibition. Stu was in Austria from his home base… Read More


  The photo above is from an installation in Chicago of the Artpolice group as it was at that time 1983. The review in the Trib was dismissive but the show was fabulous even after the cops left and the dancing proceeded. Fritz Wolfmeyer our man in Chicago for the show had fallen for the gallery… Read More


Check out Frank's blog post on walkerart.org: http://blogs.walkerart.org/visualarts/2012/07/28/frank-gaard-on-marcel-duchamps-125th-birthday/

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 Yo Yo - I used to tell my kids stories. Indeed I sometimes wonder if that isn't the same thing I do when I teach or speak in public.

 my form of address is whomever deigns to listen, to hear me wander about in my files, my obsessions, my conceits.  It was only in

 this talking about… Read More


 I was given TO PHILOSOPHICAL  ideas and day dreaming as a child. My mother encouraged me to be me which I found very helpful along life's way. My father used to call me the professor even when I was in grade school. Sort of disparaging name as in the famous film The Blue Angel where "the… Read More