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 OK proceeding carefully due to malfunctions and my own daydream of arting. When I was younger I was obsessed with the idea of the end of the world. Most especially when I was psychotic and pre-post psychotic in the mid 1970's. I became obsessed with Hebrew Mysticism and the Kabbalah. I have a… Read More


Yo, long time no blog, my webmaster and son Sam here on Thanksgiving visit gets my blog to work again. I had some good ideas which perished in a couple of blog crashes, now Sam says the blog is attached to a different type of server that allows one blog site to crash without taking all the other… Read More


When I was a kid Dick Tracy was the lead comic in the Chicago Tribune, the Tribune was the voice of conservative Republican politics. And the Tracy comic reflected the law and order viewpoint of the Tribune which endorsed Dick Nixon and Barry Goldwater. The editorial content of the paper… Read More


 The wild frontier was a Davy Crockett lyric, he was the King of The Wild Frontier. Jack Kennedy used frontier as a political metaphor as his New Frontier, the first president to be born in 20th century. And he was Irish Catholic which of course means he was from Boston, Harvard of course. But I… Read More


 Art about art is nothing new but it's been a part of my work most of my career. I am a post-modern I was born too late to be part of the big shows that make modern art such a vivid style, even later styles such as abstract expressionism were done before I arrived. Pop art was the reigning style… Read More