Dr. Edyth Bassler Bush


BLOG FROM  from pirate WORD made while internet was out of order  ( no internet after attacks on Syria!) or was it threats of attacks ? Listening to Jay Z which is kind of like listening to everybody. Given how eclectic rap has become in morfing into pop rap – that song on the radio “this woman’s on fire” something like that young singer, on fire with her hit song. All of us remember the power of a hit song.  I’m not big into Jay Z he seems the favorite of my younger boys. I like more nasty raps, lately one song from 2 Chainz has been in heavy rotation. Now I have Hendrick straight out of Compton. Since the 1960’s I always enjoy new sounds, sound effects  just sound and music that draws our attention to sounds. Max was talking about Hustle and Flow this film from back a short time with a rap sound track by who Hendrick? Juicy J?

 The attachment to this blog should be my portrait of Dr. Edyth Bassler Bush the spouse of Archibald Granville Bush , former CEO of 3M . Huge fortune died in 1953 Mrs. Bassler-Bush I know  wound up in Florida. I finished the last of this portrait during an episode of gout, very firey pains in ankle. Weeks back it was in my left wrist same type inflammation. Hence the firey red orange background for Edyth Bush portrait made between gout episodes. She founded a small theater in Florida, my suspicions are she was a lover of shows and spectacles. I made her more innocent more normal than I found her. I felt she was very precise like Coco Chanel, chic . And if a portrait doesn’t flatter the sitter, the client etc. it’s this distortion that art makes upon reality. I mean were things so bad for Francis Bacon (as his paintings seem to suggest)? Perhaps, the sort of fiction of portraits is the ways they replace each other, the past gives way to the future. Edyth wasn’t a beauty the suspicion is she didn’t like to be photographed. Camera shy, my portrait is drawn from an older painting on a photograph or some process to give a photograph the look of a painting, From late 1940’s  remember her husband Archie is dead by 1953. This is a story never told , very private, very 1%. The Foundation is still in business the commission for this pair of portraits comes from the Bush Foundation. It’s very good and I hope they can live with these intense strange paintings. That said they are a formidable pair together.   5774  Hendrick had a dream.