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 Saturday  - How do we commoditify human grief? Everything has a price save that which is priceless hence all art is a bargain.

  Take 2. Reading Heidegger about the empty space inside a vessel being a thing! I parathink see the language of math and science is numbers. Indeed rational life is all by the numbers, save where noses are cut off of mice! Or was it their tails? Yes the tails of mice. This one man said my style was over, like get a new style or perish. This was several years back, I always thought I could find a groove but finding several ain't easy. I'm sort of an over educated artist, from being an art professor many years and then free-lancing curating, writing the zines created a network for getting ideas out in the larger world. And still painting trying to figure out how things should look. As if the gallery is a social stage, a visual artist creates a performance space . But I'm not book smart enough to write, my grammar is basic. And I'm always so discersive that it make some students insane with frustration. As if their were some "point" to human speech, can't we chatter like birds ? Caterpillar Monster pulls down Eifel Tower on tv 29.4  movies station for antenna tv viewers.

 Take 3. Later Bat Fans.