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  These 5 portraits are from 35mm slides which I scanned to make into sort hybrid Jpegs. Left to right - Julie early 1990's blue dress / orange brown hair/ wire spectacles We made several portraits over time . Julie is a writer and a poet. Next Denise G.; This portrait of Denise is one of… Read More


 Feb. 19, 2013 Frigid Minneapolis - Curators out buying fur coats , collector's with tax man. Museums on auto-play. Bad movies everywhere you look. Years ago (especially after that asteroid in siberia last week) I'm sure people start thinking let's make some EndTimes Art ? I've… Read More


Elianna and Rafi are to marry this year.  They commissioned my wife Pamela and I to paint a simultaneous portrait of them. Pamela my partner in this bifurcated experiment. Two artists two portraits -   I was trying to put this pair of portraits together on the screen. Call me romantic the bride… Read More


 This painting and collage on linen finished in 1999. Called Satanic Housekeeping by Walker Art Center( present owner of this object). Trying to get some focus as temps drop all day. Arctic art zone - ICEPATROL-ARTPOLICE -  is that a palidrome or whatever many years ago Al Peters figured it out… Read More


 I began to understand things better as I got older not that that was all that helpful. Seems many people take the path of least resistence  like electric current no point in connecting with dead wires. However at some point in one's thinking the thought of self vanishing ( the most personal… Read More