Thinking about Mike Kelley and James Hayward also Ken Feingold at art school in Minneapolis in the mid 1980’s when we started a performance art class at MCAD. This was about the time when Kelley was hired to teach at the school he was an artist from Detroit based in Los Angeles had been a… Read More


testing testing - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Had this been an actual blog 

you would have already known that this is the future past. Blogs have no editors editors are critical

to true texts. I find it difficult to be my own editor.

The future is… Read More

Phto of the artist James Hayward in Minneapolis last month.

James Hayward was in Minneapolis last month for the opening of his… Read More


The photo on this blog page is from an exhibition last year at the Minneapolis Institute of Art the guest curator was a young artist from California named Dave Muller he rehung 4 big contemporary galleries and painted the walls with designs and images it was up for nearly a year . This photo of… Read More



Who if I called would hear me among the angelic orders? We love Rilke we love poesy and we love the tower of infinite power that lives in our memory. 

Neuropathy my special companion the fire in my hands. How do we compare pains? Your pain my pain her pain what is this feeling… Read More