Estranged from nearly everyone to some degree, alone . Do you prefer death by a single stroke or by a thousand small cuts?

1. The Day of the Dead is fast passing 10:36 P.M. C.S.T.  Never learned Spanish though I tried lived in a neighborhood in Chicago

that became Mexican. Tried… Read More


Today walked to UPS store with Joe Woodside. Talked with Joe Zucker on the telephone a week ago Friday  And the Saturday before that I saw Peter Saul at The Minneapolis Institute of Art for the first time in 50 years. I introduced my spouse Pamela to Peter at the institute, I had a couple of… Read More


Rainy Monday night in Southwest Minneapolis and I was going to write something and then I thought I just felt unwell from my neuropathy which has been worse lately. The condition arises from my nerve damage when I suffered my fall last year and broke my neck and both wrists. The surgeon said it… Read More


Today is my grand daughter’s fifth birthday, her birth made me a grand father.i did not see her today or talk to her though I saw her on Instagram in a piece her mother posted of her at various ages, very sweet pictures. Yesterday I saw her on a new bike with training wheels on her Dad’s… Read More


Still trying to find my way back to my thoughts after a rough spell recuperating from my various illnesses. The cancer begets a host of miseries, indeed sometimes the side effects seem the worst part of treating the disease. My intellectual coherence returned only recently and mostly it’s been a… Read More