Lil’ Wayne and Tricky and Street Legal


Thinking about the idea that everything is performance ie. performance Art The idea kept me awake last night.

 Thanks Remembering Max Gaard performing at the Red Sea as Street Legal .on the West Bank. Boy could he dance!

 Pamela and I were over the moon those days

Pam was working with Somalii elders and health care work and at the University 

of Minnesota as a food scientist. What year? The days of Hummus and Honey. We were on KFAI radio that was fun.

Pamela discovered Hassan Nor. Long story short now Nor’s art is in the permanent Collection of the Minneapolis 

Institute of Art. I was working with Stu Mead on our Man Bag project which was nothing but Artpolicecomics without

self-censorship. Indeed we used Artpolicecomics as a way to test market our perverse fantasies. Stu wound up in Berlin like 15

years ago I haven’t seen him since 2009 when I painted his portrait. stay tuned same Bat channel . Be well, Dr. G.

Pamela and I fell in the love well and we never climbed out, it was has if our lives started over. Jpg here Film still

photos of oldJerusalem with camels and extras from central casting.


Middle East movies