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 Yo word up - 1974 Nixon was president when this painting was created. It's old , I was  30 that Christmas. It was the painting in the Artpolice's early years, when I was insane half the time. Artpolicecomics was my most insane creation but this painting was also a big factor nearly 2 years… Read More


Our ideas about art change with the passage of time. Things I thought often take a complete turn around to their opposite . I sometimes think our ideas change as we change as experience changes us. These two portraits of Jake are a case in point. When these were made I didn't think they were our… Read More


Portraits of Stu Mead -  Pam woke me up Sunday morning saying there is something you are going to like on Facebook. It was this photo of Robert Crumb (R. Crumb) looking at Men Beg the sex magazine Stu Mead and I do together in which my portrait of Stu glows out, ha so cool, very happy. In Europe… Read More


  These 5 portraits are from 35mm slides which I scanned to make into sort hybrid Jpegs. Left to right - Julie early 1990's blue dress / orange brown hair/ wire spectacles We made several portraits over time . Julie is a writer and a poet. Next Denise G.; This portrait of Denise is one of… Read More


 Feb. 19, 2013 Frigid Minneapolis - Curators out buying fur coats , collector's with tax man. Museums on auto-play. Bad movies everywhere you look. Years ago (especially after that asteroid in siberia last week) I'm sure people start thinking let's make some EndTimes Art ? I've… Read More