1. Thinking about the absolute nature of the unknown. In Wittgenstein’s critique of metaphysics the natural sciences have limits beyond which language becomes useless. We simply can not know what exists beyond this life because it is beyond our knowing. Metaphysics was a… Read More

Early one morning in the merry month of May.
Yesterday was today then when it was the present. Thinking about Marcel Proust remembering .

 The old saying was - The past is another country. I am 75 years old most of my life is in the rear view mirror.

  The rain in… Read More


Afternoon 55 degrees looks like rain. Not much to add to all the commentary on the Virus , so much writing as it peaks in New York.when I started to blog I thought it would be a way I could write many friends at once. But I have found an email is more personal whereas people don’t read blogs as… Read More


Being present is different than being there. The So-called Summer of Love was not all it was cracked up to be. I remember San Francisco in July of 1967 when I finally got there. I remember it differently than the story the media painted. San Francisco reminded me of a miniature Manhattan. Like a… Read More


1. Thinking about final things, like the Rose Garden at Lake Harriet in South Minneapolis where so many times I visited looking for myself my past my present my future.  Where I would meet Pamela when we first became lovers. More than any place the gardens have been my home or at least the home… Read More