More thoughts regards show at CO. And other matters; David Goldes told me that painter film director Julian Schnabel liked my big painting at the Walker Art Center (in Midnight Party). Apparently he was really taken with my painting and I was very happy to have a new admirer. The painting has always been difficult for me since it seemed to precipitate my first nervous breakdown it sort of personifies my extreme position in this work which included nearly two years of work on the 8 by 7' canvas.

Mo' CO

  Waiting for the future to come into the present

     Waiting for the other shoe to drop, the next inevitable thing the new music of pictures

     G-d knows the church made a lot of work for artists and architects and composers et al.

     At one point Jackson Pollock took art to the brink of chaos. Or the world before it was controlled by art dealers auction

The Best and Worst of Frank Gaard (short documentary)

Artist Frank Gaard discusses art, life, and his work in this short documentary video for CO Exhibitions(Mpls,MN). Interviewed by news/art vet, Robyne Robinson, and filmed at the artist's home in South Minneapolis, the video is a companion piece to Gaard's new solo exhibit "The Best and Worst of Frank Gaard" opening at CO Exhibitions on Saturday, May 7th, 2011.

I miss Shinders

Shinders bookshop, news stand on 7th was the first place I'd stop downtown Minneapolis, one of the few places in town that got the New York Times for us news freaks in 1970's. They had tons of magazine titles and books on Kabbalah -astrology everything, it was a free speech shop. I bought most of my Weirdo magazines there - Weirdo was quite a nice deal always an R. Crumb cover in color very swank.I worked there for one day, I'm not very good cashier. Porn sells big time, must be alot of sexual issues or something. Art sells at a different pace slow or never!

Time and it's consequences { MEN BEG}

 Time is a sure poison no matter how you live you do succumb to it's relentless wear on your being, At first it's charming to be young looking at photos of your child self but always heading for your destiny of nonexistence which mommies never talk much about, every baby has to die one day and perish from this sad old blue orb.

More of less

 Greetings art lovers - Blogging ain't easy, uh huh uh huh. Art at best is easy as pie indeed these days it might be the pie. I remember the first time I saw the films of the liberation of the concentration camps in newsreels at the neighborhood cinema.It was like looking at the human condition and realizing the depth of the hatred in this world. Why the Jews were scapegoated over and over in history, made demons by the propaganda machine.

Arise Victorine Meurent

Deliver me to history, I studied a lot of art history a sort of side effect of becoming a professional fine artist. I admit I slept through some classes on abstract art but otherwise I know a bit. Which brings me to Victorine Meurent a woman who modeled for Manet's most significant works whose name I've used in several works including the show in Berlin with Stu Mead named WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON - I love that title it's my best effort at melodrama noir art. So I've been thinking about Stu because of a book we are doing and talking a bunch recently getting jpgs bigger.

Tangerine Skys

Airstrikes over Libya, Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame statement should be corrected to reflect new time measurements of fame. A nanosecond celebrity standard, some come and go pretty quickly. And that's the only way it can be in a world such as ours, a world always in a hurry calling to say they are coming they are on the way. Nanoseconds are tiny millionths of a second divided ever so carefully, as light as sound as the beating heart of the atom a measurement sublime.

Almost There (How Lolita finds a way)

Lolita is my favorite book though I often find it very distressing, frustrating, and breathtaking, Nabokov sometimes makes fun of his reader's intelligence. I read about a condition that is called bibliophilia, a very sick obsession with books. I think I have a mild case of this because I've been so taken with books all my life. Lolita is very effective because it portrays the young preyed upon by older adults and this picture of child love is very affective, very accurate.

Who among the angels

Rilke knew the angels weren't listening though he made off like it was just the confusion between who is living and who is dead. I remember the line in the movie Dracula where Bela Lugosi says "To be really dead that must be wonderful." And the Greeks also felt like getting out of this world was most likely the best outcome, getting back to the state of affairs before being born. Because the world is not a very nice place yes because for most of us this life contains a lot of suffering and only moments of joy.
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