Arise Victorine Meurent

Deliver me to history, I studied a lot of art history a sort of side effect of becoming a professional fine artist. I admit I slept through some classes on abstract art but otherwise I know a bit. Which brings me to Victorine Meurent a woman who modeled for Manet's most significant works whose name I've used in several works including the show in Berlin with Stu Mead named WHEN LOVE BECOMES POISON - I love that title it's my best effort at melodrama noir art. So I've been thinking about Stu because of a book we are doing and talking a bunch recently getting jpgs bigger.

Tangerine Skys

Airstrikes over Libya, Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame statement should be corrected to reflect new time measurements of fame. A nanosecond celebrity standard, some come and go pretty quickly. And that's the only way it can be in a world such as ours, a world always in a hurry calling to say they are coming they are on the way. Nanoseconds are tiny millionths of a second divided ever so carefully, as light as sound as the beating heart of the atom a measurement sublime.

Almost There (How Lolita finds a way)

Lolita is my favorite book though I often find it very distressing, frustrating, and breathtaking, Nabokov sometimes makes fun of his reader's intelligence. I read about a condition that is called bibliophilia, a very sick obsession with books. I think I have a mild case of this because I've been so taken with books all my life. Lolita is very effective because it portrays the young preyed upon by older adults and this picture of child love is very affective, very accurate.

Who among the angels

Rilke knew the angels weren't listening though he made off like it was just the confusion between who is living and who is dead. I remember the line in the movie Dracula where Bela Lugosi says "To be really dead that must be wonderful." And the Greeks also felt like getting out of this world was most likely the best outcome, getting back to the state of affairs before being born. Because the world is not a very nice place yes because for most of us this life contains a lot of suffering and only moments of joy.

Alexander Pope I love you (in haste)

 But Alexander Pope I hate you slowly,(with a slow burning vengence ) with no good reason other than jealousy of your rhymes! And your wisdoms your insights your poesies your greatness become  a world of unhoneyed rhyme. I remember Bernie Van Marm and I climbing high into these giant trees in the park behind the Art Institute and the lake (Lake Michigan) we got on a jag in those trees, Bernie would go higher than me. I remember thinking if I break a leg my college days are over.

Exhibition at Walker next year

I asked Darsi Alexander for an exhibition at Walker and she's going to do it. Which is very happy outcome and I think people will get an eyeful and it maybe can set things straight about my art . Some art does have a bite, the world is still a very inhospitable place for art too close to truth. David Wojnarwicz's posthumous offense (from a censored video) really shows how hyped up the body politic is to the notion of offense as it seems to get when more Republikans show up in D.C.

Pop Will Tear US Apart

 The thing I imagine about a detective story is writing it spontaeously so the writer doesn't know where s/he is going. This is oddly how I make art sort of out of thin air, from nothing to something. But the analogy to detective yarns goes further I like my art to be puzzling and intriguing as opposed to enlightening at first sight. Some of this I guess is my native inclination towards complexity and mysticism. I do think life and art are an intertwined riddle. I set out to be an artist long before I had an inkling of what art was.

Screaming From The Rooftop

 Lately I think about life as a tour and as you age you start your farewell tour before you vanish forever.

Don Judd is the new Henry Moore

 Don Judd is the new Henry Moore. Everyone seems to think highly of the late Don Judd's sculpture. Like Henry Moore the general opinion rates Judd as best of his age, though some folks like myself feel his sculpture functions more like formalist abstract geometric painting than like a sculpture. As Henry Moore's sculptures seem to have a function like illustrations for noble feelings ie. grief , rage etc. But I like the Judd's art better though it seems a form of sculpture which arises from painting and especially his color.

Blog - Walter Hopps was on the phone Artpolice subText

 Of course that was mid 1970's the talking with Dr Hopps. Correspondence between us is in Smithsonian Files  from National Gallery - a slim manila posterity with me and the man who loved Marcel Duchamp's art so much - Hopps did the first American one person show of Duchamp at Pasadena Museum of Art . Hopps started Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles on the beach in Venice district. Showed the big kahunas Robert Irwin the fetish finish artists including John McCracken whose shiny planks in so many colors ..

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