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This is the story of my three sons, or part of the story since the story goes on in actual time. Peter my oldest son invented the Internet and owns WSJ see his site there. Sam owns a string of Magic Card distributorships in Western US. Max is close to performing with (Name Withheld). Honestly Maximilian is 25 little boy now huge like a WR.
So how did this happen? It's kind of personal, like when you are intimate with someone for the length of the sex act.
No it's more than being Salmon eggs !! NO it's the return to Jerusalem (on Lake Street)!

Yves Klein in light of Jackson Pollock

Yves Klein the work does seem of a different time with different criteria that we use now. It's that proud progressive modernity that was served up to us in the mid-1950's. Modernism is good for you your town ought to have an art center where you could see modern European art and new Americam Abstract Expressionism. But you can lead a museum visitor to modern culture but you can't make him dig it. Yves Klein fitted his historical epoch as comfortably as Warhol fit his.

Yves Klein from Nice @ Nice Art Center

  These creepy guys in Navy blue sports coats caught my attention outside the Walker Cinema where the curators were giving a presentation about Yves Klein I saw at least three of these cats and they had on this little red thing around their necks that is a badge meaning they are Rosicrueans, members of the Order of The Rosy Cross. Yves Klein had been in this order and was married in their ritual with swords drawn.

Candidate claims being a thousand year old vampire will not stop him from being a good senator.

  Whoa! Republicans on the verge of congressional majorities, scary monsters our Taliban. GOP platform military build-up and cut taxes for the corporate buddies who help us scare the populace about those FDR loving Liberal Demon-crats! So as a result of this election we are apt to have a deadlocked congress and maybe even a shut-down of the government with the lovely mess to clean up that goes with it. Are voters stupid? Would then have voted against FDR when he was cleaning up the depression, which took years and never really ended for a lot of poor people.

Yves Klein Master of The Void (Later reports)

At Walker yesterday, Yves Klein exhibition next in main temporary exhibition galleries 4,5,and 6 in Barnes Tower.

Semen Cafe at The Sea of Dreams

 A young man was pleading with me for sex in art school. As if I had it, sex that is. My strange adventures in the Land of Hebrew Princesses and Human doormats begins with Miss Jaffe my 8th grade teacher who though she was a Jew her hair was bright red like fire. She was rather voluptuous though not fat just very womanly and she dressed a bit young and slutty ( but that maybe why I am not objective that is my crush on her) On preference for Jewish women - like a biblical curse you get want you desire now live with it .

The window I decorated on Chicago Avenue South ( the dreamt of drive by gallery )

 Pamela and I just had some delicious Mid-Eastern Cuisine next out of the parking lot and driving by my window full of art you know it's art because you don't know what it is. Those could be artist's names (Yves Klein, Sigmar Polke, Duchamp I've heard of him isn't he the one who invented Joke Art? But Alexander Pope hmm a 17th century poet who wrote odes in couplets Franky says Alexander Pope? It's not about meaning it's about flavor.


 Mike Kelley is a public figure I learned on the Facebook his id photo is the young Mike pic that was inside the Sonic Youth cd fold out he designed it seemed Mike mid-1990's. I always felt a fold over between Mike and the band in those days, a collaborator like with Jim Shaw and several other artists. Though Mike always lands on his feet as the frontman whatever the lineup.

How Time is the Most Lethal Poison

Woke up hearing report that 20,000,000 people were homeless after huge storms flooded huge areas of Pakistan. It's so sad but of course Pakistan has Nukes ready to go after the menacing Indians . Now the Taliban have become temporary humanitarians helping the survivors , one report says this catastrophe may push Pakistan into the category of failed states , as in failed state with nukes and Taliban still out and about.


Call Smuda - procrastinating - I was thinking about how many shows I'd been in since 1966, no idea everytime I add new shows to my resume old shows are coming off the end. It's pointless, and what have I learned? Not much I'm afraid, it's a practice which often never or once in a long while.I get ink when I do things but the material payoff is slight, I don't even have a fan club. I heard from Bill Griffith on the Wastebook, he does a weekly comic in a wide flung syndicate that has a spot in the St Paul Pioneer Press . He's been doing this for years ifr not decades.

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