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 Kate Iverson (illustration thumbnail) -  My wife Pam and I painted portraits of  Kate a couple weeks back and posted them to Facebook and our web sites since. It's always fun to add to our gallery of mugs. I put up our double portrait Pam's portrait of Kate is to the left of mine the bigger painting. This is a bit of an experiment to see if I can get these jpgs to both appear. I was more technical years ago when Max and Sam were children (my sons ) now I feel the technology has eclipsed my abilities to deal with some of it.

Culture Report

 A little soire' at Henne frame shop hoping to get the French connection for show in Tours. You never know Sean Smuda has some very good techniques for wooing the patrons to see mutual interest and support for the local denizens of both cities. I was very happy to do Sean's window last year, it was a very different experience than most of the shows I've done. Sean is a person who knows something and still he gets around. I put two pictures in this show bright colored and mostly normative as art. Not pornography or tease art but some higher aspirational stuff.

This Could Be The Last Blog Maybe The Last Blog I don't Know

   What is a blog what would it be by another name? It has a daydreamy aspect like a diary that isn't private writ large.

   We are a culture that feeds on secrets. Not just information but rather raw data unexamined by one one even the writer.

    We love nothing so much as to jump to conclusions. To think the worst is the best the most chic the most neonihilistic edge.

    I always resisted a diary form but ultimately some of my notebooks have representational resemblance to events in my

Dionysus vs. Osiris

  Get along little Goddies. As a child I asked God to stop my Dad from drinking but God wasn't able to get to my request or most likely he simply couldn't stop my Dad from drinking or my supposition which I'm sure was the case ie. no God exists. Now Michele Bachmann and her ilk argue for God ( in the person of the sap God Jesus  ) but I'm thinking more along the line of the God who has no name, the big Kahuna the cause of causes!!

One Small Step For Man One Giant Step For Corporations or Adios Amigos

Oh Cisco oh Pancho! - I've been wondering about how all those western shows on TV when I was a kid affected me as an artist. I read about a new book from MIT Press about artist's magazines and the train of thought made me think about the Artpolice as a gang, a gallerist I met in Los Angeles thought Artpolice was a gang albeit working with ink on paper. What ever when the Artpolice was young we were comrades like in a French foreign legion movie. So this new book seems to focus on New York zine scene more that outlanders.

Time is the greatest poison

 If you have a philosophical turn of mind then time is one of the centers of such thinking. Time in the biological sense is like a tour the time we spend in this incarnation on this old earth. Then again time exists as a way of measuring being, as in the number of years one does something. For instance I have painted and made art for more than 40 years. But what does make art mean? And time what is time but a way to measure bits and pieces of an eternal timelessness ( which comes with our exit from lived time).

Posting Men Beg

  Friday June 17 -  Sending out Men Beg books slowly only have 50 now closer to 25 . Heard from Vince Leo yesterday a post card he's found an image in one of my notebooks that he's fascinated with, it's Greek a youth carrying a giant penis under her arm. It's one of my favorites too. Last week heard from the Sherarts they were very sweet. Several people sent nothing which may just be they are in Venice. It's a Venice Bienale summer.  No Venice for Bruce Nauman who was a big star 2 years ago. But this year seems like NoName artists with a few exceptions .


  More thoughts regards show at CO. And other matters; David Goldes told me that painter film director Julian Schnabel liked my big painting at the Walker Art Center (in Midnight Party). Apparently he was really taken with my painting and I was very happy to have a new admirer. The painting has always been difficult for me since it seemed to precipitate my first nervous breakdown it sort of personifies my extreme position in this work which included nearly two years of work on the 8 by 7' canvas.

Mo' CO

  Waiting for the future to come into the present

     Waiting for the other shoe to drop, the next inevitable thing the new music of pictures

     G-d knows the church made a lot of work for artists and architects and composers et al.

     At one point Jackson Pollock took art to the brink of chaos. Or the world before it was controlled by art dealers auction

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