Installation Chicago Artpolice Exhibition 1983/ Dreaming Of Wittgenstein's Poke.

  The photo above is from an installation in Chicago of the Artpolice group as it was at that time 1983. The review in the Trib was dismissive but the show was fabulous even after the cops left and the dancing proceeded. Fritz Wolfmeyer our man in Chicago for the show had fallen for the gallery girl so his prep work was unfinished. Hudson{ later ran Feature in NYC} ran the performance space that was on the other side of the wall at Randolph Street Gallery, he was a peach and remains a good friend of the project (most especially Man Bag subsidiary).

10 Things About Marcel Duchamp

Panty Paradise< Beaux Arts - Sexe/Artistes

 Yo Yo - I used to tell my kids stories. Indeed I sometimes wonder if that isn't the same thing I do when I teach or speak in public.

 my form of address is whomever deigns to listen, to hear me wander about in my files, my obsessions, my conceits.  It was only in

 this talking about art, about sex, incest , Hebrew Mysticism et al.  I was painting in a garage at 4100 39th Av. watching/listening

 to OJ Trial on my portable tv. 1995 Kathy Halbreich was the director of the Walker Art Center then and I was starting to make

Gout /art and how my blog lost it's way/ New Top Ten Philosophers

 I was given TO PHILOSOPHICAL  ideas and day dreaming as a child. My mother encouraged me to be me which I found very helpful along life's way. My father used to call me the professor even when I was in grade school. Sort of disparaging name as in the famous film The Blue Angel where "the professor" becomes a clown chasing after Marlena Dietrich .. European working class people like my Dad see professor as someone whose a sophist and a minor authority figure, an academic. Of course I just had a very active mind and imagination and I was very visual.

Gout of July / How Baby Got Her Face

  Babyface is a blessing and a bit of a curse. Indeed the whole idea of good looking people having a leg up in the workplace. When I first taught at the art college I was 24 years old and looking much younger than that, my sense of things was my destiny was with the students, since the core faculty was rather older. I was used for photo ops to make the school look younger more of the times, at the time I didn't realize the degree to which advertising and promotion occupied the minds of the administrators.

Gout Blog Part 1. Tuckunder / Popcycle Quality

 Suffice it to say your blogger Herr Franz Lars Gaard nee Kivala - Prince of Finland has a bit of gout one might say a terminal affliction chronic at best he never seems to get ill he is rather instead ill in many different ways. Starting with his sick mind where someone turned up the color on the television set and left it there til the tv was dead in the alley smoldering after a small fire @ 3131 First Avenue South when Max was asleep on the couch, sweet Maxie almost a little bear so cute adorable beloved.

Gout Delays Portrait Sitting

 The portrait of Khadra painted by my spouse Pamela has inspired me lately. It's painted using a technique by which the tan paper becomes the color of the model's skin. It's Asian in practice but  Lautrec copied it the technique in both lithography and painting. It lends a theatre like mood to a piece. It's a cheap trick when done badly but when done well it's magical as here in Khadra a Somali friend of Pamela. The pursuit of the exotic was a big idea in the Romantic painting in France at the time of Delacroix. He and his comrades went to Tangiers and North Afrika.

How I Escaped The Artless World

   How I escaped an artless world. Of course no one escapes this artless world completely myself included.

  1st jpg/pic pony saved from destructive impulse.

 2nd  Portrait of Kristen 1999  through frame glass.


  Artpolicecomics was a shared fantasy, it began in the art school and overtime spread about a considerable space. I think a desire existed for an art journal that was more flexible more funny and darker than what existed at the time . It failed to live up to the fantasies it evinced, it was simply not enough to contain the richness of that fantasy. Some of this was money we simply never had enough to improve the publications, we never found a publisher or even a donor patron type. So like self pubs everywhere we depended on our own resources.

Walker wall detail 2012

    No. 1 The Anti-Sculpture League Philosophy Faves

    No 2. View of 1979 collage ( Collection G Zimmer)

    No. 3. Day-Glo Sephiroth 1976-8  acrylic Collection MIA

   N0.4 - half page ad for Poison and Candy Artforum Feb. 2012

  Where it maybe said that yes nothing works quite as well as persuasion with yummies.

  If the world was about to vanish I'd be the one to do an art show. But the world dies slowly like everything on this planet.

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