Letter from exile


When I started writing blogs I thought it would be like a letter , at one time I kept up an active correspondence with several different people in different places. Indeed sometimes I think I wrote way too many letters. I think I supposed that this networking would create some aesthetic and practical results. I could say Artpolice Comics was a correspondence project or deeply involved in periodic expression. An old friend recently wrote What ever happened to our correspondence? For a while we wrote and kept up with each other's art. I remember people are wrote because I could write certain things to them. Poetics and erotics but the erotic writing was always a bit confessional.

 But it isn't quite a letter form though it can be very casual (a blog),  I had a forensic psychiatrist once who saw me pro-bono and gave me lithium samples . I liked him and I wish I could have seen him for a longer time. He was the doctor who told me that relationships suffer when one of the parties is bi-polar. It's like a given that their will be difficulties . This was an insight after 2 divorces on the way to a third. Something was missing something that monads have. It could simply be a divided sense of responsibility. I recall thinking I neglected my first child by working so much on my art. My early work was extremely labor intensive and my first child was an only child. Same could be said of my second family which I saw only on week ends when I was deeply impoverished (after losing my professorship at the art school). In both cases the relationships with the children's mothers were dreadful and calamatuous . I managed to work make things from scraps and anything flat and clean. The letter structure depends an odd feature that it contain news or something new. Like art require more novelty with each iteration. But we live in a broken world and perhaps are art is also in ruin before it leaves the studio. I recall a correspondent asking me not to write her that we were not friends and she wished me never to write her again. Which I did. I wrote just too much often I think it was the sense of isolation being far away from friends or just finding a life in letters , I felt I was a man of too many letters. I'm not so back with email it's so less an object I liked envelopes and stamps and correct addresses.

 Now I'm in a predicament again my romantic tendancies run amuck. What ever shall I do? Maybe a blog has some advantages over a letter? That it is broadcast to the fellow travelors the fans the hopefiends. When a Facebook Happy Birthday comes off the hook and eats your recent happiness without remembering tender touches and letters of the most extraordinary type. And all for art and art for all as long as this world stays broken.

illustrations Olivia, John and Krista all 2015