I Did Teach 1969-87


I did teach, I became very disillusioned with art schools. I had a handful of creative teachers in almost 6 years of  my so-called higher education. I can think of only 2 teachers who were helpful. During the time I was teaching I felt that I was out of step, that it was as blind leading the blind proposition. Thing was though that the 1970's were very exciting times for intellectuals,Foucault was being published in English. Anyway I,m not sorry for the teaching it just seems an impossible work.I worked closely with students.other times I made them find me as I wandered the building looking for the escape hatch. I mean I learned alot but the anti-intellectual bias in a visual arts school is huge. That was what wore me down was the suspicion that these colleagues of mine had for excellence and intellectual success. It was as if the schools strived to be ordinary and reliable purveyors of banal middle brow crap. I guess I had had a different life than these art educators. So the simple idea is the art schools are businesses that prey on naive . I mean it's like a hamburger franchise, in one door and out the other - naive 18 year olds become artists to notice, usually using existant style  so they seem relevant ie. commercial! It maybe good for artists like me who just don't know but hey water under the bridge. Want to learn how to master 15th century technology? Call me only when you make a break through, I'm a busy more to follow. And what if painting is a way to do philosophy, what then?