Different but Similar


Some portraits old and new ,differenty and similar. end pic blog

Pics in order - 1.David B & Iman 2016, 2.Two Pete D. (with Pam Gaard) 2016, 3. Robyne Robinson portrait some years ago when she was still on Fox - News TC. 4. My son Sam Gaard at MFA (in Boston) with portrait of Victorine Meurent by Manet. 5. Lady down the block -Theresa and Seraphine in her Navy uniform 2006, 6. Rhesa Schwrtz. early portrait maybe 2004-5, 7 The Only Good Artist Is A Dead Artist 2016 and self-portrait also 2016,Portrait of Sam Gaard 2011.

I want to try other forms of content on this blog.I may start to write on my picture blog - franky the pony lover on tumblr.com

address frankytheponylover.tumblr.com

 or franklawrencegaard.tumblr.com  also picture blog on Pinterest.com 11 scrolls frankgaard.pinterest.com on Twitter as frankygaard.twitter.com

Thinking I need to find a place to write that is comfortable and makes it easy as writing a letter. As well the audience seems minimal the response slight so why sweat it?