Things going from bad to worse . I read a lot of Nietzsche starting with a German professor in Oakland or Berkeley in 1967 at first it was a choice of texts to read in a philosophy course whilst in CCAC ( now CCA) it was on the street that connected Oakland to Berkeley . It have fond memories of… Read More

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Snoop Dog doing advertising juice and gin. 
 For many… Read More


Sometimes I just can’t believe the form my life has taken but then it has never been a very smooth ride. The fireworks are going off outside and the dog is frightened by the noise as am I a bit too as this has always been a difficult passage. In 1974 when I first was hospitalized at the Golden… Read More


I was writing a Go Fund Me update and the program that I used on the web-site was resisting my text as if they would prefer I write one declarative sentence or two regards my debts medical, personal and artistic. But this writing program presented impossible barriers to use, given my… Read More


Sickness seems to be the state of affairs today and in recent days. Pushing myself to no good end no profit merely exhaustion and angst. The future now seems more bleak each day , as if this final chapter is apt to be tragic in the immense grief of our worlds gone very wrong. Art seems a feeble… Read More