She's left the Curatoria.


It all amounts to the same thing. Art speaks best as fresh season, as renewal. So she flew the coop from curator through foundation work then vanishing into life with her husband who wrote (though I knew him when he bought paintings for a corporation in area). He snagged a beauty too (see illo. above Walker Art Center Collection gift of MCAD Student Auction Sale ) which eventually devolved to the Walker through that MCAD auction. A gift a real fucking gem it was too. It was up in an acquisition show in the early 1990's the painting was already antique 1976- it was in the 1980 WAC show in Gallery 7 . This gentleman was a very extraordinary fellow as was his curator companion (all this lost in time and repetition.). So the painting was free but very unusual more surrealist maybe? Was I the distant warning system for Matthew Barney ? The last I saw her was in a bookstore at a reading of her husband's novel she was so utterly in the thrall of this man, like a marionette. Which of course on her was very becoming.

  Barnett Newman said something about aesthetics being for artists what ornithology is for the birds. And is true that the curator is more of a factor for we moderns than maybe we had supposed in days of yore. But it begs the question what do we want art to be?

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