Right on right on I always thought right on was just perfect for it's time. Like when the Black Panthers said good bye it was right on . Iwas in Oakland CA when the Black Panthers were at the height of their power. Of course the Oakland Tact squad really came down on the party that year 1968 - it was very nasty, the Alameda County Sheriffs were the murdererous bunch of thugs that were intended to put down the Black Panthers yes by any means necessary. They were the domestic war whilst others fought in Viet Nam. I was glad to be an artist even if I was getting pretty left of everything in a suit. Racism and war are what the big corporations need so nobody notices their stealing. Distraction distractions are what keep us busy instead of creative. Distractions help us forget - 100,000 US troops in Iraq in Afghanistan heading for 140,000 combat troops. We have the winter Olympics (primarily white sports ) no running away from police. Again big corporations at games touting new skis and Ralph Lauren parkas, it,s the sort of place companies make friends and deals. // RIGHT ON  //  I remember an attack on the Panthers where Eldridge Cleaver and this other cat stripped naked to surrender to police, so they wouldn't be killed, they can't claim you had a gun if you were naked. Thing is the man has the wealth and the greed to do it his way like Goldman Sachs the man who controls the capital controls the world. The fight now to bring down Obama is the suits feeling a little heat, for nearly ending the world you might be regulated. They will gamble their children anything, the so called capitalist word is a big gambling hall, place your wager on the country or corporation of your choice or your broker's choice. Last week a German bank sold it's prize Giacometti sculpture for $104,000,000 to save the bank natch. That's alot of money for a bumpy 50 year old sculpture ; I like Giacometti but it's harder to find a Giacometti than a hundred million US dollars.  The owners of the money, the banks investors etc still have the power they employ lobbyists to stop things like health reform and peace. It does seem our wars benefit the corporations, imagine the billings just for medical costs for these horrors!? Thing is I've never seen a time when the US was not in miltary action somewhere on earth. Peace is far off - RIGHT ON