The Return of Time


Traded a small painting for cash and a book. The book written by Lane Relyea was read quickly over a few days. The title is Your Everyday Art World ..It's an inspired piece albeit Mr Relyea worships at different shrines than I do. But so does Philippe Vergne who loves Mike Kelley and Carl Andre. So the Relyea book which is very precise in it's arguements dare I say I bit like Guy Debord at times a spectacular critique of everything. Very technical at times new art histories written in passing. Same Lane Relyea I recall same voice rant really manic chanting his view of almost constant movement and travel but always on the beam even if the beam is hard to see in Glasgow - The age in the piece is interesting how now our young hero writer / editeur is become middle aged and almost tenured at a very prestige university not far from where Hillary Clinton first saw the light of day. The voice the song still has echoes of the younger Lane's style but he's learned a lot along his way. The lilt is memory and shilling styles platforms artists times- bands even. The LA connection very interesting, I always understood Lane as LA type artist. He was always on the phone always rapping with someone else somewhere far from the TC . The guy I knew is gone this new incarnation of Mr Relyea is more straight science of aesthetics type vision of criticism. It seems very schoolie like let me show you the ways. But it's personal his trip through the edu labyrinth. His artists his experiences his alliances his hook-ups etc. So my history would be quite different , Lane sees through some pretty intense spectacles, and cold like nature like Science, cold art. Very solid where as I was glad to leave the art education thing because it seemed like a sort of prison for working artists. I don't know how Mike Kelley could stand teaching all those years! Or Peter Saul, it drove some of us crazy. Whereas Lane Relyea seems to prosper maybe art school is changed ?

Jpgs - 1. Work in Progress (THe Black Dot Returns) 2014 - 2. Temporary Sign  3. Land Relyea's book      MIT Press